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Friends Cut 
26th-Apr-2013 06:41 pm
I don't normally do this, and I know I have barely been posting anything recently...but I decided to do a cut of my friend's list.

I basically took off dead journals (people who haven't been around in a year), people I don't have anyth, and I got rid of people who added me for dolls only. Sorry guys. I don't do the whole doll hobby thing anymore.

I'm hoping to be a bit more active and post more blog entries here!
Fashion - Kera // princess
28th-Apr-2013 05:39 am (UTC)
I see!! D: I haven't touched my dolls for months either... but I'm trying to get back into the hobby. -_- Oh, photography's nice ! :D

Yes, I'll definitely enjoy reading about your concert reports ! :3
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